Laura Brookes Jewellery

Sterling Silver Chainmaille Jewellery, Handmade in Kent


Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions through my website and from stockists and customers - here's the answers to the most common.



Are all links soldered?– No, the nature of chainmaille is that each link takes a little of the strain when under tension and as such, as a whole it is much stronger if the links aren’t soldered – much like a rope. Each strand in a rope would break on its own, but as a whole it is very strong. Furthermore it is very difficult – and time consuming – to solder links in situ, especially in some weaves such as the Full Persian, therefore if only half the links are soldered (before assembling the piece), it actually compromises the strength of the whole piece!



Do you make all the rings yourself? – I don’t. I buy my rings wholesale in various sizes in order to make the pieces. I have looked into making my own jump rings myself but have yet to find a cost effective solution that wouldn’t double my prices!



Can you make these in different sizes?-  I can make custom pieces in any length. Please use the contact form or email me to request a piece in any size.



What is the chainmaille made from? - Everything in my online shop is made from 925 Sterling Silver and hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office for quality assurance.  



Do you have a shop I can visit? -  I don’t have a shop myself, but you can pop into any one of my stockists to see my range!