Laura Brookes Jewellery

Sterling Silver Chainmaille Jewellery, Handmade in Kent


About Laura

Laura first started making jewellery as a hobby a decade ago with the initial intention of making simple costume jewellery for family and friends. Quite soon this wasn't enough and a curiosity for learning new techniques and styles led to teaching herself Chainmaille weaves.


Never content unless learning new skills, Laura taught herself silversmithing with the help from Tom Marshall at the Stone Gallery in Burford, Oxfordshire, with the intention of enhancing her collections and broadening into the world of jewellery design. While many designs keep to traditional styles, the pendant and earring designs are a combination of traditional weaves mixed with modern silversmithing techniques. Click here to learn more about the various weaves.


While her brand is known as Laura Brookes Jewellery, Laura has since married - keeping her maiden name alive in her jewellery brand.


Laura's main collection includes a range of Chainmaille jewellery, incorporating several traditional weaves, as well as a new version of the popular European weave commonly used in maille armor and the more modern "Persian" style.


In addition, several Sterling Silver pieces in a modern style are also available. These pieces are designed and developed to complement the style of the chainmaille weaves.


These designs are developing as a continuous process, so more pieces are added regularly.


Custom pieces can be available upon request. Please contact for more information.


For Trade stockists, please email for more information and a trade price list.

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Laura Brookes Jewellery

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